Solderstar at EPP Innovations FORUM 2024


Solderstar, a leading manufacturer of temperature profiling systems and software for the Electronic Manufacturing sector, is set to showcase its latest innovation at the EPP InnovationsFORUM 2024 in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany on April 17th. Taking centre stage will be the Reflow Shuttle O2 an advanced process verification tool designed to enhance quality control in electronics manufacturing. 

The Reflow Shuttle O2 marks a major advancement by integrating real-time oxygen level monitoring in parts per million (ppm) alongside other critical process parameters like vibration, vacuum, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed into one comprehensive platform. This innovative combination provides manufacturers with an unparalleled level of insight and control over their soldering operations. 

Chris Williams, Head of European Sales at Solderstar said: "April is an exciting month for Solderstar as we exhibit at two major events - IPC APEX Expo in the U.S. and the EPP InnovationsFORUM in Europe. At both shows, we're pleased to showcase our innovative thermal profiling systems including the new Reflow Shuttle O2

"The Reflow Shuttle O2 fulfils a critical requirement in advanced manufacturing by providing precise real-time monitoring and control of oxygen levels throughout the reflow process. With its zone isolation technology, it detects fluctuations in oxygen levels, allowing users to optimise nitrogen usage, quickly identify leaks across the entire oven, and consistently achieve superior solder joint integrity. This level of precision is particularly important for high-precision applications. By facilitating detailed monitoring, it enables the detection of problematic oven zones and quantification of nitrogen consumption, thereby facilitating data-driven process refinement."

 Complementing its oxygen monitoring capability, the Reflow Shuttle O2 offers a range of advanced measurement modules. Vibration sensing across three axes guides acceptable operating parameters, while dedicated vacuum sensors verify pressure levels down to 10 mbar, calculating critical metrics such as hold times to mitigate component shifts.

 High-precision sensors meticulously map the performance of both top and bottom heaters, providing valuable insights into heating uniformity. Positioned at the front of the Shuttle are temperature sensors precisely calibrated for accuracy, offering crucial data on the consistency of heating across the entire width of the heated zone.

 Solderstar's latest profiler streamlines verification processes by consolidating various measurement disciplines onto a single, robust shuttle, engineered for seamless integration into any reflow oven. Machine operators benefit from an intuitive interface that simplifies data collection and enables real-time adjustments based on identified process variations.

 The EPP InnovationsFORUM 2024 presents the ideal platform to present the benefits of the Reflow Shuttle O2 to electronics manufacturers in Europe. Solderstar's team of experts will be on hand to provide detailed insights, live demonstrations, and answers any technical enquiries.