Solutions For Wave/Selective

Solutions For Wave/Selective


Solutions For Wave/Selective

With the requirement for manufacturers to document all soldering processes, SolderStar has developed a range of specialise instrumentation providing the ultimate set-up tools for conventional Wave soldering, Mini-wave or Multi-wave selective processes

Manufactured from 10 mm anti-static composite and fitted with durable titanium side rails, the systems are designed to survive the rigours of daily production use. These unique  measurements fixtures incorporates titanium contact sensors on the underside which captures wave parameter data as it moves through the solder wave, including a true measurement of wave heights.

All key process parameters are captured with a single run through the machine, data is then downloaded via USB or wireless interface for analysis on the engineer’s computer. All parameters can be then be quickly analysed by using the unique Solderstar Process Checker function showing the good/bad limits to allow periodic process verification to be performed without the need for specialist knowledge.

Wave Solder Optimizer

Selective Solder Optimizer





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