Solutions For Wave/Selective

Solutions For Wave/Selective


Wave Solder Optimizer

Wave solder optimizer , setup & analysis

The SolderStar WaveShuttle PRO quickly allows you to analyse, improve and gain control of your wave soldering process. 

This unique fixture incorporates two measurement systems to give the most comprehensive and repeatable measurement results of any analyser on the market today. Measurement of wave contact time, wave height, wave parallelism and temperature profile are all required to correctly setup the wave solder machine correctly, these measurements can now be captured in one single pass using this innovative and convenient device



The WaveShuttle Pro is designed for the rigours of daily production testing, manufactured from 10mm anti-static composite and fitted with durable titanium side rails. This intelligent measurement fixture incorporates titanium contact sensors on the underside that capture wave parameters data as it moves through the solder wave, including a true measurement of wave height. Additionally the system measures preheat profiles and solder pot temperatures.

Graphical Analysis of Chip/Main Wave Shape & Contact

wave scan zoomed.jpg

Date Capture and Analysis

All key process parameters are captured with single run through the machine, data is then download via USB or Wireless interface for analysis on the engineers computer. All parameters can be quickly analysed and using the unique Solderstar Process Checker functions allow good/bad limits to be defined to allow periodic process verification to be performed without the need for specialist knowledge.

Instant Good/Bad Indication

temperture params.jpg
The WaveShuttle Pro is supplied with Wave Central PC Software, a dedicated package for the analysis of all key wave soldering parameters.  Based on SolderStar’s interface and navigation system it allows users of other SolderStar products to perform detailed wave solder analysis with minimal training. Your perfect tool for wave solder optimization.


Wave solder optimizer