Solutions For Vapour Phase

Solutions For Vapour Phase


Vapour Phase Thermal Profiler

Vapour Phase Profiling

Whether batch or inline, atmospheric or vacuum, the SolderStar solution for Vapour Phase machines allows engineers to understand and control their production vapour phases processes.

Vapour phase soldering is not a new process, and with advanced machines available it is common place where throughput is not the main concern. Like all production processes, without proper control, problems will occur such as tombstoning or component positioning problems due to overly aggressive vacuum settings. The Solderstar system is specifically developed to pass through the VP process with the electronic assembly to allow the engineer to measure and understand this process fully.

The Solderstar VP systems uses a specially developed two-piece protective shield, fully machined from aluminium this enclosure is both ‘O’ ring sealed and Teflon coated to maximise the protection of the measuring instrument while passing through this harsh environment process.

Vapor Phase Profiler

Low Impact Design

This  aluminium design provides an extremely low mass solution, minimising any possible impact on the process temperatures.  Once retrieved from the process, the hot shield can be opened and the instrument removed minimising the potential for instrument damage and reducing overall cool down cycle. Data captured can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis by the engineer.

An innovative 2.4Ghz telemetry link is optionally available for this system, a ‘self healing’ mesh network technology has been employed which allows data to be fed live from within the process chamber, even within the vacuum stage allowing for precision monitoring and setup of actual product temperatures.