Solutions For Wave/Selective

Solutions For Wave/Selective


Multi-Wave/Dip Solder Instruments

Flexible Multi-wave soldering process analysis

The WaveShuttle Multi-Wave Selective gives precise measurement and control for Multi-Wave Selective soldering machines.

Multi-Wave Selective Soldering machines offer electronic manufacturers the fast throughput while maintaining the benefits of only introducing the solder wave to the areas where through hole components need to be soldered. The throughput increase does however results in a reduction in flexibility, with dedicated nozzle designs needed matching the assemblies being soldered in production. Different nozzle shapes and sizes employed in the production soldering tooling exhibit different dynamics when the PCB is presented to the solder. The perfect process would result in contact between PCB and solder occurring both simultaneous and for the same contacts time, until now it was not possible to measure these crucial parameters.

The SolderStar Multi-Wave PRO allows Production Engineers to better understand the contact dynamics of this soldering process. A compact and flexible instrument has been designed to allow dedicated test fixtures to be produced quickly and cost effectively for multi-wave soldering machines, measurement sensors are fitted to customer specific locations which correspond to the soldering areas within the multi-wave solder pot tooling, this technique provides contact time and difference data to quickly allow engineers to identify any problem areas within the tool design. Any differences in nozzle to PCB contact can be easily measured providing a powerful platform for process capability analysis, improvement and on-going testing.

Date Capture and Analysis

Captured data is download via USB or Wireless interface for analysis on the engineers computer. All parameters can be quickly analysed and using the unique Solderstar Process Checker functions allow good/bad limits to be defined to allow periodic process verification to be performed without the need for specialist knowledge.

The WaveShuttle Multi-Wave Pro is supplied with Wave Central PC Software, a dedicated package for the analysis of all key wave soldering and selective parameters.  Based on Solder Star’s interface and navigation system it allows users of other SolderStar products to perform detailed wave solder analysis with minimal training.


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