Solutions For Wave/Selective

Solutions For Wave/Selective


Selective Solder Optimizer

Selective Solder Machine Optimizer , Setup and Analysis

The SolderStar WaveShuttle Selective has been specifically designed for daily testing of Mini-Wave Selective soldering machines. A specially configured array of titanium wave contact sensors are arranged on the underside of this measurement fixture to allow quick and comprehensive verification of the machine functionality.

Nozzle strikes on clinched components or the PCB due to PCB warp or general tolerances can result in the positioning mechanism of the machine becoming mis-aligned. X and Y positioning mechanism and speed are verified by sweeping the selective soldering nozzles between pre-defined datum’s. An array of stepped contact sensors are employed to allow nozzle wave height measurements to be made and periodically verified.


Flux Sensing
When crystallisation occurs in the selective fluxer nozzle mis-fluxing of components can occur causing problems with poor wetting or leaving un-activated flux on area of the assembly. To combat this problem SolderStar has developed flux measurement sensors which can be optionally installed to the measurement fixture, this allows for flux presence and position to be obtained as part of the daily tests.


Date Capture and Analysis

Captured data is download via USB or Wireless interface for analysis on the engineers computer. All parameters can be quickly analysed and using the unique Solderstar Process Checker functions allow good/bad limits to be defined to allow periodic process verification to be performed without the need for specialist knowledge.

The WaveShuttle Pro is supplied with Wave Central PC Software, a dedicated package for the analysis of all key wave soldering parameters.  Based on Solder Star’s interface and navigation system it allows users of other SolderStar products to perform detailed wave solder analysis with minimal training.





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