Solutions For Vapour Phase

Solutions For Vapour Phase



Solutions for IBL Vacuum Machines

Total traceability within vacuum applications

The new interface between the Solderstar Wireless Profiling System and the IBL VP-Control software allows targeted and exact profiling of application using vacuum stages.

Live temperature data from sensors attached to the electronic assembly being soldered are fed via a 2.4 GHz wireless telemetry link direct to the IBL machine software.

IBL engineers have utilised the SolderStar OEM communication library to seamlessly integrate process temperature profile information along with other machine parameters available, this closed loop profiling system monitors and documents all key data and process parameters.

Data can be exported as Text or XML to give complete measurement of PCB temperatures, Automatic temperatures and vacuum pressure curve all on one convenient graph.

Data captures by the system is also compatible with Profile Central software, allowing profile data to be analysed in standard SolderStar software if required.

Thermal profiler for IBL vapor phase machines