Solderstar introduce new thermal profile validation system – ‘Smartline-X’ at Apex 2019

Smartline-X is a web-powered platform that automates thermal profile verification across an organization’s manufacturing sites. Data can be received from reflow ovens, wave/selective soldering machines and the vapor phase process using Solderstar’s comprehensive range of profile measurement devices and the Smartline-X system.

This new product provides more than process traceability alone, it is a complete management system for thermal profile scheduling, verification, storage and reporting. Live views notify users when profiling is required, along with current process conditions. Real-time SPC charting and Cpk calculations are provided, allowing fine tuning and trend plotting of every parameter captured.


At the heart of Smartline-X is a flexible rules and scheduling engine, process rules can be defined to validate any profile captured by the process control team, these rules can be as advanced or as simple as an engineer requires. Additionally, each soldering machine being monitored can have its own inspection schedule defined to match a customers preferred profiling regime.

All profile data, process rules and reporting are managed centrally via a web-based document store, capable of holding millions of thermal profiles. This centralized approach minimizes ongoing support costs along with simplifying any data backups required.

Smartline-X can be deployed on a local server or via a cloud-based provider, the platform utilizes the latest web technologies and interfaces with a full API made available to exchange data with factory management systems where required.

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