APS 2000


SolderStar APS uses the latest evolution of reflow data logger to provide a full time process monitoring solution, capable of providing a profile for every board, in a single hardware platform.


PC software automatically calculates all important process parameters and checks for values outside defined limits for the process. On exit of the board from the machine this information, along with a board ID is stored in a database for complete product traceability.Ultra-thin sensor probes are permanently mounted along the length of the reflow oven to measure product level temperature. This newly developed probe allows for a smaller physical size which offers two significant advantages, fast response to changing oven loading and the elimination of shadowing problems associated with components mounted close to the conveyor rails. Product speed and position are monitored by way of high accuracy real-time speed monitoring instrumentation, board-in sensors and a new software algorithm, resulting in a 'True Profile' for every board processed.

Should the measured parameters drift outside process limits then the system immediately stops further entry of boards into the machine via a standard SMEMA interface and alerts line staff that remedial action is required.