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SolderStar Solutions

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SolderStar Solutions

Solderstar provides a complete solution for soldering process control within the Electronics Manufacturing industry.

We offer a range of ‘smart’ profiling devices which can be combined to provide a powerful set of process control instrumentation for each of the soldering processes you wish to setup and control. Our unique dataloggers can be used for reflow, wave, selective and vapour phase soldering and provides a common software platform to streamline the capture and analysis of profiling information from the shop floor.

Much more than profile setup

Solderstar tools take the next step to allow you not only to establish optimum settings for your soldering process, but gain complete control.

We have a comprehensive range of fixtures which allow process benchmarks to be recorded allowing periodic checking of production processes with increased repeatability.

The software tools provide all the tools required for rapid process go/no-go checking and also integrated SPC functions to allow generation of X-Bar and Range Charts direct from the data you have captured from your lines.


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