Solutions For Reflow

Solutions For Reflow


Realtime / Automatic Profiling Systems

Automatic Profiling System (APS)
100% Traceability for reflow soldering processes

With increasing electronic assembly complexity and values, combined with the need for long term reliability or safety critical products, the need for continuous monitoring of productions processes has become common place.

The SolderStar APS provides full time process monitoring of the reflow soldering process, the system is capable of recording process conditions and the temperature profile for every electronic assembly that passes through the assembly line.

Ultra-thin temperature probes are permanently mounted along the length of each oven conveyor allowing measurement of variation within product level temperature.  This newly developed probe allows for a smaller physical size which offers two significant advantages, fast response to changing oven loading and the reduction of shadowing problems associated with components mounted close to the conveyor rails.

Product speed and position are monitored by way of dedicated speed monitoring instrumentation, combined with optical sensors and a new software algorithm, resulting in a 'True Profile' for every board processed.  PC software automatically calculates all important process parameters and checks for values outside defined limits for the process.

On exit of the PCB assembly from the oven all process conditions and calculated profiles are stored along with a unique ID in a database for complete product traceability.  Should the measured parameters drift outside process limits the system immediately stops further entry of assemblies into the machine via a standard SMEMA interface and alerts line staff that remedial action is required.

Traceability, barcoding and SMEMA integration

Where barcoding is available the APS has the ability to automatically detect product changeover on the production line, allowing for automation of batch/product changeover.  APS can also integrate with the oven controller to request recipe changes automatically.

Additionally, the APS has SMEMA functionality which allows the APS to control the flow of product into the reflow oven, these two features make a very powerful system.